Digital Tachograph Analysis

Review Driver & Vehicle data instantly to make informed decisions.
Act on clearly highlighted infringements.

Digital Tachograph Analysis Made Simple

If you're not able to use our Automatic Remote Download devices, our Digital Tachograph Analysis is perfect for you! 

Our digital tachograph system enables you to review your Drivers' working and driving times, and any infringements, instantly - reducing the amount of time you need to spend ensuring your business is compliant with EU tachograph legalisation.

Cut down on your admin time, and get on with the valuable stuff.

Why Choose TachoMagic For Your Digital Tachograph Downloads?

Digital Downloads Made Simple

All you have to do is download your vehicle and driver data, and the information is uploaded to your TachoMagic account.

All the information you need is laid out clearly.

Reports At Your Fingertips

Schedule the reports you want to see when you want to see them.

Customisable reports highlight key information, such as Driving Hours, Working Time, Driving Infringements, and much more.

We Answer The Phone


No robots, we actually answer the phone when you ring (makes a change these days).

We're happy to help however we can, just ring 0113 877 0190.

See Your Data Anywhere

Whether you're out in the yard or in the office, TachoMagic is available anywhere, at any time.

No waiting until you're at a computer to see what's going on.

Instantly Check Infringements

Our dashboard clearly highlights any infringements.

You'll never have to dig through tons of data to find what you actually need. 

A Quality Service At An Even Better Price

Staying compliant with Rules and Regulations shouldn't cost an arm and a leg, so it doesn't!

Only pay for Driver and Vehicle analysis when it's there to be done.

What Is Digital Tachograph Analysis?

Digital tachograph analysis allows Transport Managers and Road Transport O License operators to analyse their Driver's and Vehicle's data. This is used to ensure drivers are following rules and regulations, track vehicle utilisation, and much more!

It's better to spend a few minutes on TachoMagic every week than get a nasty penalty for breaching drivers' hours and tachograph rules!

Effortlessly Ensure Compliance

Tachograph Analysis can be a frustrating job, it is necessary to ensure compliance and to avoid penalties, but some systems are unnecessarily time-consuming, and stop you doing tasks that may add value to your business.

It doesn't have to be this way, just counting the hours you spend on administration. Sign up for Tachomagic, and we'll free up as much of that tacho-time as possible, so you can get on with adding more value to your business.

What's The Difference Between Digital and Analogue?

Digital tachographs automatically store all the information on the card, whereas analogue requires the driver to manually enter their details, recorded onto paper.

If you aren't able to use Remote Downloads with your vehicles, Digital is definitely the next best thing!

Do I Need To Download Software For Digital Analysis?

You do not need to download any software to get your digital tachograph data analysed through TachoMagic.

All you need to do is upload your files to the TachoMagic Web Panel, and we'll take care of the rest! You will instantly have access to a range of detailed reports, that will highlight the important information.

Is Digital & Automatic Remote Downloads The Same Thing?

Digital tachograph analysis and remote tachograph downlooads are not quite the same!

With Digital tachograph analysis, you have to manually upload your Driver and Vehicle Data. When using remote download devices, all of the data is automatically uploaded. This means no waiting around to manually upload the files!

If you can, we would highly recommend trying out automatic download devices for your vehicles!


How Does Digital Tachograph Analysis Work with TachoMagic?

1. Get Driver Data

Insert each Driver's digital card into a card reader.

02. Download Vehicle Data

Download and import data from each vehicle unit.

03. Enter Any Manual Data

Add any manual entries or analogue charts.

04. View Reports

View TachoMagic's automatically generated reports for your data.

05. Discuss Reports

Discuss any issues with your drivers to prevent future infringements.

Digital Tachograph Analysis Prices

Digital Driver Analysis

14p per day

  • Only Pay When Analysis Required
  • Full Access To Reports
  • Automatically Generate Reports
  • Easy File Upload
  • Makes Compliance Simple
Sign Up

Digital Vehicle Analysis

8p per day

  • Only Pay When Vehicle Is Used
  • Full Access To Reports
  • Automatically Generate Reports
  • Easy File Upload
  • Helps Make Informed Business Decisions
Sign Up

We believe in only paying for what you need! If there are any days that don't require analysis for a Driver/Vehicle, there's nothing to pay!

On top of this, there are no sign-up fees or hidden costs. Pay for the analysis you need, and not a penny more.

Have You Read About Our 10-Minute Tacho?

Sure, downloading digital tachograph data is so much better than dealing with Analogue charts, but collecting and importing the data can take up a lot of time.

Why waste time when you can have the whole process done for you!

Our 10-minute tacho (Automatic Remote Downloads) does what it says on the tin: 10 minutes (or less) to set up, then spend just 10 minutes a week checking reports to ensure everything is in order. 

That's right - no more waiting around for your drivers, or having to chase them to ensure they’ve downloaded their cards! Downloads data and uploading it to our servers is done automatically, so no-one has to waste their time waiting around for downloads.

Oh, and fitting the devices couldn't be easier. Taking less than 10 minutes, it's simply a case of matching the coloured cables.

FMB640 - Remote Tachograph Downloads


Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

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