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For over 15 years, we've been putting in the hard work, improving and refining our TachoMagic software, so it makes complying with EU and AETR laws less of a hassle.

Spending all this time on tachographs has made us experts in the field, and we like to think that because of this, we can offer you one of the most reliable and affordable services there is for tachograph analysis. 

The Story Behind TachoMagic

If you've got a spare couple of minutes and want to hear the story behind TachoMagic, we'd love to share. 

When the "Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations" came into effect in April 2005, I (Duncan) was responsible for over 100 HGV Drivers. I had to ensure we were complying with the new WTRT Regulation as well as the EU & AETR laws. As there was no easy way to find advice, I had to use many resources, spending hundreds of hours to understand what had to be done to comply with the law. This was just something that had to be done if we wanted to keep operating within the law! 

I wasn't alone in my confusion, and it became quickly apparent that the industry required some jargon-free, clear advice. To help reduce the burden, I wrote a website that contained an online working time calculator to help others gain some sort of understanding. 

Even though we understood the rules like everyone else, we would occasionally find drivers breaking the "EU Drivers' Hours" regulations. But then, with the new "Working Time (Road Transport) Regulations" everything suddenly became even more complicated for our drivers. In an attempt to save time and ease the stress of our working day, we decided to stop analysing our own Tachographs and get the help of an analysing service — big mistake. 

We tried using an Automatic analysing system, which you would think would save time, right? Wrong

What a waste of time! We ended up spending more time correcting the errors than it took for us to analyse the whole chart by hand. 

The recommended solution to this was the well-established bureau, ICP Tachograph Services. Like us, they were based in Yorkshire and provided an excellent, accurate service. 

The problem? They were too popular! 

They had clients all over the country and were operating at capacity, meaning only a few of our Tachographs could be analysed at a time. 

However, the introduction of digital tachographs convinced the ICP owners that technology was moving too fast for them and they wanted to retire. Together with my other directors, we decided to seize the opportunity and purchased the business. 

Soon after our takeover of ICP, we realised that if we wanted to expand our analysis service, we would need more up-to-date hardware and software. 

Extensive research and testing brought us to the conclusion that what we required didn't exist and if we were to provide the high-quality service our customers needed, we would have to create our own system. 

After spending 18 months travelling to clients to understand their needs and feeding that into the design process, we had a system we were happy with... TachoMagic. 

Not only does this system allow users to easily identify and solve Driver infringements, but it also allows operators to easily take control of their company's Tachographs by automating the administration procedure. 

TachoMagic is easy to use, cost-effective, extremely accurate, and uses encryption to transfer the files to our trained analysts.

But we didn't stop there, other the last 15 years, we have been constantly improving the software, with a specific emphasis on reducing the amount of time required for a transport manager to ensure compliance. If you like the sound of TachoMagic, you can get started below!


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